David & Courtney Whitworth have been building new homes in Central Austin since 2004 with a long track record of quality homes and follow up service.

David Whitworth

David came to Austin in 1992 as a Civil Engineering student at the University of Texas from his hometown of Laredo. After a career as a civil engineer designing and consulting for clients doing site development projects, David took his land use and entitlements knowledge and began focusing on residential infill.  David has been in the press with his projects that included building new homes on the city's original 25ft wide lots. His interest is primarily with small sites and homes including small multi unit projects that allow new homeowners to enjoy new central homes at attainable price points.

Courtney Whitworth

Courtney attended the University of Arizona achieving bachelor of arts in Art History and Interior Design. She practiced with notable interior designers in her hometown of Houston and then Austin before attaining her own license and practicing independently as Courtney Whitworth Interior Design.  Courtney works very closely with David on projects to ensure good use of space and functional floor plans before moving into the design selection phase for materials, finishes, and fixtures.